Create a Watson text-to-speech app with Swift


In this lab, you’ll create an application that uses IBM Watson’s Text to Speech service.

The Text to Speech service can read text and convert it to speech. For example, you can add a voice interface to an application that visually impaired users use to hear (rather than read) their email or text messages.

To create the application in this lab, follow these main steps:

  1. Create a typical iOS application in Swift.
  2. Install the Watson SDK for iOS.
  3. Create the Bluemix Watson service and get the key token to it.
  4. Add some code to invoke the cognitive service.

You can see the code the GUI for this lab is in GitHub:


You need the following software:

Complete the previous two labs:

  • Create a Watson sentiment analysis app with Swift
  • Create a Watson photo recognition app with Swift

Currently, the Watson Developer Cloud SDK for Swift requires a legacy version of Swift. Be sure to select the option to support Legacy Swift (Swift 2.3):