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Create a workspace

  1. From the Watson Conversation tooling, open the conversation workspace, and click Create.
  2. Name the workspace national-parks-example, and then click Create.
  3. Click the Dialog tab, then click the Create button.

    The Watson tooling provides a “Conversation starts” virtual node and the first child node.

  4. In the Triggered by field, enter conversation_start. This condition is invoked on the start of a conversation.
  5. In the Fulfill with a response field, add the following response: What national park would you like to know about?

    Note that the Conversation tooling automatically adds a new node with condition anything_else. This node is evaluated last and can be used as a failover when no previous node conditions match.

  6. To create a failover message, enter a response to the node with condition anything_else: I didn't understand that.
  7. Test the dialog that you’ve created so far by clicking the Chat icon.

    When you open the chat, you see the first conversation_start node with a response of What national park would you like to know about?

  8. Enter How about Yosemite?

    Notice that Watson doesn’t understand that intent and therefore fails over to the anything_else node for its response.

  9. Add some variation to your responses. Start with the conversation_start node.
  10. Click Create another response and enter an additional response variant: I'm here to provide information about national parks. What park are you interested in?
  11. Click Create another response > Set to random to enable Watson to randomly choose one of the responses.
  12. Select the anything_else node, and modify the first response to I didn't understand that. Ask me about a national park….
  13. Add another response variant: Sorry I'm only trained on national parks. What park would you like to know about?
  14. Click Create another response > Set to sequential.
  15. To test the dialog, open the Chat pane.
  16. Click Clear to restart the conversation.
  17. Do this multiple times, and observe that the prompts are shown at random.
  18. Enter an utterance to test the anything_else node. For example, enter I'd like to know about Yosemite.

    Notice that the responses are shown in sequence. First, you see the response I didn't understand that. Ask me about a national park….

  19. Enter another utterance. For example, What about Arches.

    Watson renders the second response as Sorry I'm only trained on national parks.