Create an API

  1. On the Dashboard of your new API service, notice the guided tour pane on the lower right. If the guided tour is not visible, click the Help icon (?) and start the guided tour. Then, click Import API.
  2. Click Import a sample API from the menu as the Guided Tour indicates.
  3. Use the name that’s suggested for the new API. Click Import. The new API implementation is created.
  4. On the Design page of the new API, scroll down through the configuration options. Notice the Paths setting. This is the key part of the API used by developers.
  5. Click Generate and Publish.
  6. Follow the guided tour and click Generate a default product.
  7. Use the suggested settings and click Generate.

    The banner indicates that the product was successfully published.
  8. Click Explore on the guided tour.
  9. Click Sandbox to indicate what catalog to explore.

    You see sample API invocations with parameters.
  10. Click Test in the Guided Tour pane.
  11. Enter a valid latitude and longitude in the Parameters section. Then, click Call Operation.

    You see the results of calling the operation.
  12. Click Analytics.

    Notice the kinds of information provided in the Analytics dashboard.
  13. Click the Help icon (?) to restart the guided tour at any time.