Create an app by using an application starter

In this section, you learn how to navigate the Bluemix catalog and create a simple runtime with a programming language of your choice.

  1. Log into Bluemix

  2. Click Log In, enter your login information on the IBM id page, and then click Sign in. You should see your dashboard view.
  3. Click Catalog to open the Bluemix offering catalog.
  4. Click one of the IBM (blue icon) or Community (green icon) Cloud Foundry Apps. For the example here, the Liberty for Java™ runtime is used.
  5. In the Create a Cloud Foundry App page, provide an application name for your app. Bluemix will automatically make this the host name. The host name must be unique for this Bluemix public region. To make it unique, add your initials or company name and the date to the application name.

    Also, increase the memory to 256 MB. Some runtimes will work with a smaller allocation, but not all.

  6. Click Create.

    As your app starts, the application dashboard is displayed. This dashboard is organized with a series of pages with information about your application.

    In the Getting Started page, you see some information about how you can download the source code for the simple starter application. You can use this as a starting point to add your own code for this language and then push the updated application to Bluemix.
    In a later lab you’ll see how to do this by using the Bluemix command-line interface.

  7. Click Logs in the left navigation to watch the messages as the app builds and is started. Watch for a message confirming that the application has started:
    CELL/0 Container became healthy
  8. Click Routes and then select the link to your application URL. This will launch the application in a separate tab.

    The app is live and showing a simple “hello world” page.

    You have deployed a very simple application on Bluemix. You can take a few moments to explore the other informational pages in the application dashboard if you like.

  9. When you are finished exploring, delete this application to make room for your next app that you will deploy in the second lab. From the application dashboard, click the three vertical dots next to the app Routes, Restart, and Stopbuttons and select Delete App.