Create OAuth provider API

  1. Log in to IBM Bluemix. Click APIs and then click your API Connect service tile. You should see the API Connect dashboard.
  2. Click Sandbox. Then, click Settings.
  3. Click Show to view the automatic subscription ID. Make a note of this ID.
  4. Click Endpoints. Make a note of the endpoint.
  5. Click the Menu icon > Drafts.
  6. Click APIs.
  7. Click Add and then click New OAuth 2.0 Provider API.
  8. Enter OAuther for the name of the new API. Click Create API.
  9. In the Design page for the new API, click Base Path.
  10. Take note of the Base Path. In the OAuth 2 section, enter weather in the Scope Name field.
  11. Click the Trash can icon to remove the additional scopes.
  12. Select Basic for the Identity extraction method. Then, set the Authentication URL to
  13. Make sure Authorization is set to Authenticated.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Click the ellipsis (three dots) beside the Save icon.
  16. Click Add to existing products.
  17. Select the Climbing Weather API check box. Click Add.