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Create a service instance

  1. Log in to Bluemix.
  2. Click Catalog > Watson (under Services) > Conversation.null
  3. Review the service details.
  4. Accept the default values. You can select the free plan.
  5. Click Create.
  6. From the service’s landing page, go to the Service Credentials tab.
  7. Click View Credentials to see your credentials and the API URL.null
  8. Go to the Manage tab.
  9. Click Launch tool.
  10. Log in, if prompted.
  11. Click the Create button to create a new workspace.null
  12. Assign the workspace a name.null
    After you create the workspace, you’ll go to the Watson Conversation tooling main page for that new workspace.


  13. Navigate back to your workspace tiles.null
    Here, you will see your new workspace tile.


  14. Click the tile menu, and select View Details to see your Workspace ID.null

In the next lab, you’ll create intents.