Create the Internet of Things Platform Starter in IBM Bluemix and connect to a virtual sensor

In this section, you’ll deploy the Internet of Things Platform Starter, which is a boilerplate application, and connect it to a virtual sensor on a web page. You don’t need your Raspberry Pi device for this section.

  1. Log in to Bluemix and click Catalog > Boilerplates > Internet of Things Platform Starter.
  2. Enter a name and host for your application. Both names must be unique. Then, click Create.
  3. After the application launches, click View App and then on go to the Node-RED flow editor.

    You should see Flow 1 running on Bluemix with a virtual thermometer. For now, you’ll work with the flow in the red square as shown below:

  4. After you start your Internet of Things Platform Starter instance, click the following link to connect a temperature simulator to the IBM IoT app In node as shown in blue in Flow 1:
  5. Copy the value in the upper-right corner of the virtual thermometer. In the image above, the value is 03075c7af9d9.
  6. In the flow editor, double-click the IBM IoT App In node.
  7. Paste the ID of the sensor into Device Id field. Click Done and then deploy the flow.
  8. Go to the virtual sensor and increase the temperature to 41° C or more.
    In the flow editor, note that the flow has three green output debug nodes that show flow data in the debug pane.
  9. Disconnect the top green Debug output payload node in the top flow by clicking the connecting line and pressing Delete on your keyboard. Disconnect the device data node on the bottom flow as shown in the following image. Then, click Deploy.
    You might need to scroll down in the debug pane to see the simplified view of temperatures.