Create your hills

In this context, hills are not small mountains. In design thinking, hills are ways to turn a user’s problem into a solution.

Hills are just statements that have three parts:

Who:      a user or group of users

What:   a specific action

Wow!    something that solves a specific problem in an innovative way

  1. From your scenario map, choose one of the items that you circled in red.For example, maybe one of the items you might choose is something like, “Maria didn’t know how to talk to her parents about being stressed.”
  2. Brainstorm what you could do to change the dynamics of this scenario. What can be done to either improve or totally change the setting for the stressful situation? This is where it helps to have someone to bounce around ideas with, so maybe phone a friend if you are doing this exercise on your own.
  3. Write down your best ideas by using this format:[who] can [do what] so they can [accomplish this goal].

    For example:

    As a new student I can take a virtual tour of my school and know where I need to go before even setting foot on campus.

    Again, be sure as you add a “wow” factor to your idea. Don’t get concerned about whether something is possible or not. Think big!