Detect the #listparks intent

  1. Click the Intents tab, and then click Create new.
  2. Enter the intent name as listparks, and enter the following examples:
    • show me a list of parks
    • what parks do you know about
    • list the national parks
    • can I see a list
    • I'd like to see the parks list
  3. Click Create.
  4. Open the Chat pane to test the intent.
  5. Clear the chat list.
  6. After Watson completes the training, enter this text: can I see a list of parks.
    You should see that Watson correctly identifies the #listparks intent. However, the response is still the default response — I didn't understand that. Ask me about a national park.
  7. To create a proper response to the #listparks intent, click the Dialog tab.
    Currently, you have only two nodes. Nodes are evaluated in the order that they appear, so you need to create a new node between the conversation_start and the anything_else nodes.
  8. Expand the conversation_start node.
  9. Click the Add (+) icon to add a new node.
  10. In the Triggered by field, enter #listparks.
  11. Add the response I can tell you about Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Arches.
  12. To test the dialog, open the Chat pane and enter can I see a list of parks.
    Watson should correctly identify the #listparks intent.
  13. Close the editor for the conversation_start node.