Enable spaces

    1. Click Add > Catalog on the Dashboard.

    1. Enter a title for the new catalog (such as MyProd). Then, click Add.

    1. Click the new catalog to open it.

    1. Click Settings.

    1. Enable Spaces

    1. Click Enable in the Enable Spaces dialog box

    1. Click the Save disk icon in the upper right corner.
    2. Click Spaces in the navigation pane.

    1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) alongside the default or new space and click Edit.

    1. Change the Display Name to First Space. Change the Name to first-space. Click Save.

    1. Click the catalog name in the upper left to see a list of available spaces. Select MyProd (Catalog).

    1. Click Add to create a new Space

    1. Enter Second Space in the Display Name field. Enter second-space in the Name field. Click Save.

  1. Click the catalog name again and then select Second Space

    Next, you’ll add members to this Space in the next section