Explore Streams

The IBM Streams platform consists of the following components:

Component Description
Streams Studio An Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating, compiling, running, visualizing, and debugging Streams applications.
Streams Console A web-based graphical user interface for managing and monitoring the runtime environment and applications. This is where you can work with application graphs.
Streams runtime A set of processes that work together to let you run stream processing applications on a group of host computers (“resources”) in a cluster.
Streams Processing

Language (SPL)

A declarative and procedural language and framework for writing stream processing applications.
Development and

management interfaces

APIs for creating building blocks (toolkits) and interfaces for interacting manually and programmatically with the runtime and applications.
Toolkits Packages of building blocks for developing applications. They provide operators, functions, and types for many kinds of analytics and adapters for interfacing to external systems.

You can use an application graph to visualize the overall status of running applications and view information about application jobs, processing elements (PEs), operators, ports, and connections. You can also view or download log and trace data for components in the application graph. To select options for certain objects in the graph, such as a PE or operator output port, right-click the object.

The following image shows an IBM Streams application that’s represented as a graph of connected operators.

To see the Studio interface:

  1. On the VM desktop, double-click the Streams Studio
  2. Accept the prepopulated workspace (/homes/streamsadmin/workspace) and click OK.

The Eclipse integrated development (IDE) environment is divided into multiple windows, which are called views.

Project Explorer: Shows project contents and details.

Streams Explorer: Shows domain and instance information, including any jobs that are running.

Editing pane: Empty when Studio is started. This is where you edit code or create application graphs.

Outline: When a Streams Processing Language (SPL) source file is open in the editor, this shows an outline of the code or the graph for quick navigation.

Console: Shows progress messages.

Properties: Shows property values for any object currently selected in another view. You can change these values here.

Problems: Logs problems or errors such as syntax errors, grouped by severity. This will not be used in this course.


All of these views together make up a perspective in Eclipse. When you open Streams Studio, it opens to the IBM Streams perspective.