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Find a sad song: play with Watson Tone Analyzer

Let’s dig deeper into the Watson Tone Analyzer service so that you can figure out how you might add it to your own chatbot. Remember that the Tone Analyzer can detect and correctly characterize emotions and tone in text.

Your challenge is to find the saddest song ever by using the Tone Analyzer demo. You will be copying and pasting lyrics into the analyzer and checking the results.

You are now ready to use the Tone Analyzer service. Make sure you keep the window open because you’ll be using it throughout this activity.

  1. Find the words (lyrics) for a really sad song.
  2. Copy the lyrics to your clipboard.
  3. Open the Tone Analyzer demo web page.
  4. Select the Your own text radio button.
  5. Paste lyrics in the text box.
  6. Click Analyze.
  7. Read over what Watson says about the tones and emotions in the song.
    1. Scroll to the section called Sentence-level.

    2. Review all of the emotions that Watson highlighted.
    3. Answer these questions:
      • How prevalent is each emotion? In other words, is there a lot of joy in the song or very little?
      • Which emotion or emotions did Watson highlight in the song lyrics?
      • Why is some highlighting a little darker or lighter? What does that mean?

Optional: Repeat all these steps for a few other songs. Which one rated the saddest according to the Watson Tone Analyzer?