Invite team members

    1. Log in to Bluemix
    2. Click Account> Invite Team Members.

    1. Select the organization. Then, click Next.

    1. Select the Bluemix space in the region. Click Next.

    1. Change the Space Role to Developer. Select the check box to take financial responsibility. Then, enter the email address for the new team member. Click Send.

    1. Enter a second, different email address in the box. Click Send.

    1. Accept the invitations for each new team member and log out of Bluemix each time.
      Note: If you are using a single browser to activate the new team members, you must clear all cookies after each log in.
    2. Log in to Bluemix as the account owner (original user).
    3. Verify the enrolled team members.

  1. Return to the API Connect dashboard by using the Owner account. You might need to log out and log back in.