Keywords and entities

AlchemyAPI offers two categories of services that enable businesses and developers to build cognitive applications that understand the content and context within text: AlchemyLanguage and AlchemyData News.

AlchemyLanguage (Rebranded Natural Language Understanding in September 2016) is a collection of APIs that provides text analysis through natural language processing. The AlchemyLanguage APIs can process text and help you to understand sentiment, keywords, entities, high-level concepts and more.

In this section, you learn how to use AlchemyLanguage to extract and analyze entities and keywords from text.

  • Entities
    Returns items such as persons, places, and organizations that are present in the input text. Entity extraction adds semantic knowledge to content to help you understand the subject and context of the text that is being analyzed. The entity extraction techniques used by the AlchemyLanguage service are based on sophisticated statistical algorithms and natural language processing technology, and are unique in the industry with their support for multilingual analysis, context-sensitive disambiguation, and quotations extraction.
  • Keywords
    Returns important topics in your content that are typically used when indexing data, generating tag clouds, or when searching. The AlchemyLanguage service automatically identifies supported languages in your input content and then identifies and ranks keywords in that content. Sentiment can also be associated with each keyword by using the AlchemyLanguage sentiment analysis capabilities.

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