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Lab 4 overview

Learn how to create a dialog in the Conversation tooling. Learn, also, how to use context variables so that you can reuse data and make global updates to items in responses.

The dialog flow for this lab is intended to help users find information about US national parks.

This simple dialog will have four main components:

  • Prompt the user. For example, the bot asks, “What national park would you like to know about?”
  • Identify the intent to show the list of parks. For example, the user asks, “What parks can you tell me about?”
  • Respond with the list of parks. For example, the bot responds with, “I can talk about Yellowstone, Arches, and Yosemite.”
  • Store and retrieve the list of parks by using context.


  • Complete all previous labs.
  • Install the Chrome browser, if it is not already installed.