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Lab 6 overview

Use all that you have learned so far to enhance the national parks sample application.

The application provides a conversational experience that enables users to ask questions about national parks in natural language. The sample application uses the Watson Conversation service to understand the user’s input and respond with answers that include both text and images.

The system can answer questions and statements such as:

  • Example 1
    User: Tell me about Mount Zion National Park.
    Watson: <answer>
    User: What animals live there?
    Watson: <answer>
  • Example 2
    User: Can you describe the plant life?
    Watson: For which national park?
    User: Denali
    Watson: <answer>

To complete your national parks application, follow these main steps:

  1. Modify the server code to dynamically provide the list of known national parks through the conversation context. To do this, you will create a parks context variable that contains a list of known parks. The known parks are Mount Zion, Denali, and Great Smoky Mountains.
  2. Create a park context variable that will track the current park name that the user is interested in. This enables the application to answer questions about parks that were referenced earlier that perhaps are not mentioned in the user’s most recent question; for example, “what animals live there?”
  3. Use the ParksDatabase module to look up national parks by name and provide a park’s data object as part of the Watson Conversation response.
  4. Use the Watson Conversation tooling to alter the conversation and its dialog flow. You will enhance the application so that it can answer questions about the plant life at each national park.

See the working version of the national parks application.


Complete all previous labs and watch all videos for this course so that you have the following software, accounts, and applications ready to go:

  • Node.js and npm
  • Git
  • Bluemix account
  • An instance of the Watson Conversation service on Bluemix that you built in a previous lab