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Lab overview

This lab introduces the IBM Single Sign On (SSO) service for IBM Bluemix that you can use to configure your web application to authenticate users from social media sites, enterprise directories through SAML federation, and also an LDAP-based cloud identity source.
In this lab, you will modify a sample Node.js application to use the Bluemix Single Sign On service. Note: This service is only available as a paid plan and will not be available for Trial/Standard users. You can review the lab steps and sample code and watch the Lab solution video to see SSO in action.
If you want to copy and paste code to move through the steps faster and avoid possible typos, use the app.js sample code at the end of this lab.


  • IBM Bluemix account.
    The Bluemix Single Sign On service is not available to Free Trial users as of April 2017. If you do not see a Create button in the first section, step 3, you need to upgrade to your Bluemix account to complete the lab.
  • A web browser supported by Bluemix
    You should use one browser for working with the Bluemix and Single Sign On control panel in one browser and a separate browser for testing your application.

    • Chrome: latest version for your operating system
    • Firefox: latest version for your operating system and ESR 38
    • Internet Explorer: version 10 and 11
    • Safari: latest version for Mac
  • Node.js versions 4.6.x or 6.11.x
  • Cloud Foundry command line interface, version 6.9 or later; it’s recommended that you use the latest release.