Learning objectives

In this final part of the course, you learn about practices and tools to support application development, deployment, testing and management for the Cloud. This will allow you to apply agile processes in the development of applications and provide solutions that are reliable and scalable. Topics will cover the following areas:

  • Features of IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery
  • Source code management for Continuous Delivery toolchains
  • Using code editors with Continuous Delivery toolchains
  • Using Delivery Pipeline to build, test, and deploy applications
  • Scaling applications dynamically both vertically and horizontally by using tools in the Bluemix dashboard and the Bluemix Auto-Scaling service
  • Cloud load testing and using testing tools such as BlazeMeter and Load Impact
  • Monitoring performance by using the Availability Monitoring, the Monitoring and Analytics service, and log files accessed from the Bluemix (bx) command line
  • Debugging applications by using command-line and integrated development environment (IDE) tools