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Learning objectives

In this course, you’ll explore the Watson Conversation service in depth. You’ll watch videos that explain conversational concepts and apply them to build a chatbot. You will complete seven hands-on labs, culminating in the creation of your own fully functional chatbot.

After you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how Watson Conversation learns to understand the intent (or purpose) and entities (clarifying context) expressed by a user as the user interacts with your chatbot in natural language
  • Train the Watson Conversation service to understand intents and identify entities
  • Test the chatbot’s ability to identify intents, entities, and drive the dialog flow
  • Build progressively more complex conversational flows by using features such as conditions, context, and expressions
  • Integrate external services into the chatbot; specifically, you’ll integrate the Weather Company Data service to provide the weather at each national park
  • Interact with Watson programmatically by using the Watson Developer Cloud SDK for Node.js
  • Use the Watson Developer Cloud SDK for Node.js to realize the full potential of your chatbot by writing code to integrate third-party services such as the Weather Company Data service and more