Learning objectives

You’ll use the Watson IoT Platform to build simple applications in Node-RED, IBM Bluemix, and Xcode, connect to IoT devices, connect to a Cloudant database, and configure your application to send notifications to a Twitter account.

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect a Raspberry Pi to a Node-RED application to read the temperature from the device
  • Deploy the Node-RED application on IBM Bluemix
  • Add social service notifications and a Cloudant database to your Node-RED flows
  • Create a simple UI in Swift and Xcode to show temperature data
  • Add a RaspCam camera (optional) to the Raspberry Pi and then send pictures to the Cloudant database on Bluemix for storage and analysis
  • Use the Watson Visual Recognition service to analyze your pictures
  • Create a voice user interface to invoke commands on the Raspberry Pi
  • Add more Watson services: Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Weather Company Data
  • Optional: configure communication between an iRobot and the Raspberry Pi