Optional: add social media notifications to your flow

You can easily add other services on Node-RED on Bluemix, such as Twitter, a Cloudant database, or a language translation service. In this section, you’ll add social media notifications through Twitter.

You’ll need a Twitter account.

  1. In the flow editor under social, drag a twitter out node onto the canvas under the cpu status node so that you can notify others when the CPU temperature exceeds 40° Celsius.

  2. Click the connecting port of the danger node on the right and connect it to the Tweet (twitter out) node.
  3. Double-click the Tweet node to edit its information.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit and associate the Twitter node with the Twitter account of your choice.
  5. Click Done and then deploy the Node-RED flow.
    Whenever the temperature exceeds 40° Celsius, a tweet is sent. Note that duplicate tweets are filtered by Twitter. Now, your followers can let you know that something is wrong with the temperature in your greenhouse.
  6. Experiment with your flow by adding other nodes.