Optional: Connect your application to the iRobot Create2

  1. Connect the serial adapter to the Raspberry Pi and then to the serial port of the iRobot.
  2. Be sure the iRobot is charged and the docking station is nearby and turned on. When it is connected, send the beep command from the application to the iRobot.
    Observe the debug pane from the Node-RED command flow on the Raspberry Pi. You should be able to hear a sound coming from the iRobot.
  3. Force the iRobot to dock by running the dock command.
    The robot should play a short tune and start to search for the docking station.
    Tip: If the iRobot is connected through the serial cable, its power will discharge more quickly.

Use the injection nodes to play with the robot functions. For example, click the injection node that controls the pass node. The iRobot Create2 should make a beeping sound. Then, click the injection node that controls the dock node. The robot should play a short tune and start looking for the docking station.