With the IBM® API Connect syndication feature, you can partition your catalogs into spaces. Each space is used by a different API provider development team and has its own set of management capabilities relating specifically to the APIs that the associated team publishes to that space, enabling each team to manage its APIs independently.

When you stage or publish an API to a catalog that has spaces enabled, you specify the space in that catalog that you want to stage or publish to. However, application developers who access the Developer Portal for the catalog are unaware of the space partitioning of the catalog and see the APIs as a coordinated offering.

Each space has its own product lifecycle management and subscription approvals. You use space-specific access control to restrict user access to each space; for example, a developer on the HR team can stage APIs only to the HR space.

In Lab 1, you’ll create spaces in a catalog and add members to that space. Later, in Lab 4, you’ll publish a product (API) to a space.