In this lab, you will further develop the vehicle data filtering application and get a more detailed understanding of the data flow and the facilities in Studio for monitoring and examining the running application. To make this easier, you will make two enhancements that let you see what is happening before the data runs out: you will slow the flow down (left to its own devices, Streams is just too fast) and you’ll make it possible to read multiple files. This is a general design pattern for development and debugging.


If you successfully completed the previous lab, skip this section and go to the next step, “Add operators to enhance monitoring.”

If you did not successfully complete the previous lab, you can import a Streams project that has been prepared for you and that contains the expected results from Lab 1.

To import the Streams project:

  1. In the Project Explorer, right-click the current project (MyProject), and select Close Project. This gets it out of the way for builds or name conflicts without deleting any files.
  2. In the top Eclipse menu, click File > Import.
  3. In the Import dialog, select IBM Streams Studio > SPL Project, then click Next.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. In the file browser, expand My Home.
  6. Scroll down, expand Labs, select IntroLab, and then cick OK.
  7. Select MyProject1, and click Finish.
    This starts a build, but you don’t need to wait until it finishes.
  8. In the Project Explorer, expand MyProject1 and then my.name.space.
  9. Double-click MyMainComposite to open it in the graphical editor.
  10. In the editor palette, right-click Toolkits.
  11. In the context menu, clear Show All Toolkits.