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Part 2 summary

You should now have a better understanding of how to enhance and improve application performance. You should know how to:

  • Improve performance and scalability of IBM Bluemix PaaS applications by using caching
  • Enable loosely coupled integration for IBM Bluemix applications and components by using messaging services
  • Take advantage of cognitive capabilities that you can use to process unstructured data and images in IBM Bluemix
  • Store and retrieve files by using the IBM Object Storage service in Bluemix

You also learned about key features and uses of data services in IBM Bluemix for the following data services:

  • Cloudant NoSQL database
  • SQL database services
  • In-memory columnar database
  • Key value-pair data stores
  • IBM Bluemix Data Connect

Lastly, you’ve seen how to secure your applications and data by using these Bluemix PaaS capabilities:

  • External authentication services in your application
  • Custom domains with SSL support