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Prepare for the OK Watson application

In this section, you will be re-creating a bot application named OK Watson by using the Watson Conversation service. For more information on the Watson chat bot, see the Conversation Service Tutorial.

You will import a prebuilt conversation from the OK Watson starter kit.

    1. Open the OK Watson starter kit page on GitHub.

    1. Click the link on this page to the OK Watson Starter Conversation JSON

    1. Right-click Raw and select Save Link As.

    1. Save the file with a .json file extension.

    1. Find the file on your machine and open it to verify that the file has been download properly and that is has JSON content.

      You are now ready to import the file into the Conversation service.

    1. Open your Bluemix page and select the Conversation service.

    1. Find the section for the Conversation tooling and click Launch tool.

    1. Click the Import icon.

    1. Select your file. Under Import, select Everything (Intents, Entities, and Dialog. Then, click Import. This action will create your workspace.

    1. Click the Menu icon (3 dots) and then click View details.

This view shows a summary of the workspace and the workspace ID. You need this ID for your Node-RED flow to be able to use the Conversation service.

    1. To see the intents, entities, and dialog nodes that were loaded, click the Return button.

    1. Click Get Started.


    You should see your workspace.

      1. The service will take some time to train on your conversation. To check that the training is done, click the Ask Watson icon.

    If you see the message “Watson is training on your recent changes,” your conversation isn’t ready to use.

    If you don’t see a message, your conversation is ready to use.