Prepare the Raspberry Pi to use as an input source

Be sure you already set up your Raspberry Pi device. For help with setting up the device, see the Help videos and the Raspberry Pi Software Guide.

  1. Turn on the Raspberry Pi device with the Raspbian Jessie.
  2. Connect all the peripherals: monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a mini USB smartphone or digital camera charger for power.
  3. Configure the device network to use the same LAN that you are using. Suggestion: Use an access point that you might reuse in different locations.
  4. Set up networking and launch the Node-RED service. When you launch a terminal, get the IP address that is assigned to your Raspberry Pi by running this command: ifconfig
  5. Read and save the assigned IP address. In typical LAN locations, it is something like
    When the IP address is known and if your computer is on the same LAN network, you are ready to launch a terminal on your computer.
  6. Run the following Secure Shell (SSH) command and enter the assigned IP address in place of the example IP address: ssh [email protected]
    If the SSH commands do not work, follow these steps:

    • Install SSH: sudo apt-get install ssh. Wait for the installation to complete.
    • Start the daemon (UNIX name for a service) with this command from the terminal: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start
    • Optional: To start the daemon every time you start Raspberry Pi, add the command: sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults
  7. When you see the prompt for the password, enter your own password or enter raspberry, which is the standard default password and press Enter. 
  8. Start Node-RED by entering one of the following commands. You can start it automatically when you start your computer or manually:
      • Start Node-RED automatically: sudo systemctl enable nodered.service
      • Start Node-RED manually: node-red-start

  9. Enter ifconfig to see the IP address of the Raspberry Pi device.
  10. Enter the IP address in a browser.
    You can now see the empty Node-RED environment running on the Raspberry Pi.