For this course, you should have the following experience and knowledge:

  • Working knowledge of IBM Bluemix and cloud application development
  • Experience in at least one or more programming languages, for example, Java, Node.js, C#, Python, Ruby, or Go
  • Understanding of basic web protocols such as HTTP, SSL/TLS
  • Basic understanding of common data structures such as arrays and lists
  • Be able to consume information in a database by using SQL in databases such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server
  • Understanding of JSON and REST APIs using cURL or Postman
  • Experience using Linux shell commands and hypervisors, such as VMWare, KVM, or Xen
  • Understanding of source code control concepts in Git-compatible services
  • Understanding of basic Node.js applications that will be used to illustrate concepts in IBM Bluemix

If you need more hands-on experience, take the free online course Bluemix essentials.

You need an IBM Bluemix account.

You also need the following software: