Problems connecting from Bluemix to the Raspberry Pi device

If you have problems connecting, follow these steps:

    1. Open a browser and enter the address of the Raspberry Pi. In the previous lab, the address was following our previous lab the IP address is
    2. Put both your Raspberry Pi and your computer on the same network (if you use LAN).
    3. Find the IP address of Raspberry Pi. See Lab 1, Step 3 for more information.


    1. When you open your browser with the Raspberry Pi address of


    , you should be able to add a new flow in Node-RED.

  1. Add the Watson IoT node and a debug node. Then, connect them.

    On the Raspberry Pi, the flow that receives the information from the Watson IoT Platform is the one shown above.
  2. Configure the Watson IOT node with the following information:
  3. Configure the credentials as shown with the following information:
  4. After you inject data from Bluemix, see the flow in Step 2 (Invoke a Node-RED flow on the Raspberry Pi from the Node-RED flow in Bluemix) of this lab. The flow on the Raspberry Pi should receive the data as shown in the following images:
    The top flow is on Bluemix.

    The bottom flow is on the Raspberry Pi.