Publish a product

If you have browser windows open with active Bluemix sessions, log out of Bluemix and close the browser window or windows. Clear the browser cookies. If you do not do this, you might not see the login window in step 5.

    1. Open a local command line and create a new, empty directory and name it spaces.
    2. Move the sample YAML files included with this course into this directory.
    3. Change to the new directory. Then, list the available files.

4. Launch the API Designer by entering apic edit.

5. Click Sign in with Bluemix.

6. Enter the email of the user that you assigned to the second space (such as [email protected]). Click Continue.

7. Enter the password for the user and click Log in.

8. Click Products.

9. Click Publish > Add and Manage Targets.

10. Click Add IBM Bluemix target.

11. Click MyProd – Second Space. Notice that this is the only option available to this user. Click Save.

12. Click Publish. Then, click the available target.

13. Select the following check boxes:

  • Select specific products
  • Testing product 1.0.0

14. Click Publish.

15. Sign out of the API Designer.

You might need to remove the cookies in your browser.