See how to build a candy machine with feelings

OK. So you’ve got the idea about how to build a great chatbot, but how can you improve the interaction? What about adding a cognitive service that can analyze the tone and emotion of the person that the chatbot is interacting with?

  1. Read the blog about the candy machine.
  2. Answer these questions by yourself or as a group:
    • What are some clever ways to take this basic concept and use it for Global Health and Wellness initiatives?
    • If you were designing a Food Coach app for someone you knew everything about, would you design a better app? That is the point of an empathetic chatbot. You use all these different services to glean as much info about an end user so you can change the way that he or she thinks.
    • How did you approach making this chatbot better? Would you design it differently if you knew your user’s character strengths? Personality? What environment they were in (fast food restaurant versus at home)?