Verify permissions

    1. Click Sign in with Bluemix.

2. Enter the email of the other team member, such as appdevbm1. Click Continue.

3. Enter the password for this user and click Log in.

4. Click Products.

5. Click Publish. Then, click the predefined target.

6. Select the following two check boxes:Select specific product
Testing product 1.0.0

7. Click Publish.8. Click OK.

9. Click Publish > Add and Manage Targets.

10. Click Add IBM Bluemix target.

11. Click the one available space: MyProd – First Space. Click Save.

12. Click Publish and then click First Space.
13. Click OK.
This demonstrates the power of spaces to prevent developers from overwriting the work of others working in another space.14. Sign out of API Designer.

You might need to clear the browser cookie cache.

15. Return to the command-line interface. Enter CTRL-C to end the current command. Then, enter y and press Enter.