Watson Developer Cloud offerings and APIs

After you complete this section, you should understand cognitive capabilities from Watson services. From analyzing images and video to understanding sentiment, keywords and entities from text, Watson services enable cognitive computing within Bluemix applications.

Language processing

Watson language-based services analyze text and allow developers to create applications that understand and interact with users in more natural ways

  • Natural Language Classifier: analyze input text and match to specific user intent.
  • Conversation: build chatbots and other chat-driven applications with a framework that allows developers to define intents, entities, and dialog flows.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Identify content and features of text input including categories, concepts, emotion, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment.
  • Document Conversion: take PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML-formatted documents and convert to normalized HTML, plain text, or a set of JSON-formatted units that can be used with other Watson services.
  • Retrieve and Rank: Provide more relevant search results through the use of machine learning ranking algorithms.
  • Personality Insights: gain insights from written text input to identify psychological traits that determine purchase decisions, intent, and behavioral traits.
  • Tone Analyzer: use cognitive linguistic analysis to identify a variety of tones at both the sentence and document level.
  • Language Translator: machine translation from one language to another and also identify the language of input text.

Speech processing

Watson provides trained services to convert speech to text and also to transcribe text to speech output.

Visual processing

Watson Visual Recognition service provides image processing capabilities able to recognize scenes, objects, faces in images and classify them.

Data insights

Watson Discovery service provides the ability to search content based on keywords and other enrichments. This service can work on user-provided text data or the Discovery News catalog which is updated continuously from over 100,000 sources.

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