Mastering MATLAB

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Introduction To Basic MATLAB Concepts
Saving and loading a MAT-file
Basic Reading and Writing Data from a File

Introduction To Data Storage And Manipulation
Data Types and Operations on Point Values.Boolean and Rational
Portable Functions
Complex Numbers

Arrays And Matrices
What is an array
Introduction to array operations
Vectors and basic vector operations.Structure Arrays
Cell Arrays
Sparse Matrices

Introduction To Graphics
Basic Graphics Commands.2-D and 3-D Plots
Annotating Plots

Introduction To M File Programming
The Input Function.Control Flow
Loops and Branches.Error Messages
MATLAB Caveats.Debugging M Files

Introduction To Mathematical Manipulations
Linear Algebra
Simple matrix manipulation
More complicated matrix operations.Differential Equation
Ordinary Differential Equations.Partial Differential Equations

Introduction To More Advanced I/O
Reading and writing from files
Writing and Reading to a Serial-Port.Writing to a USB Port

Introduction To Filter
The Moving Average Filter.The Alpha Beta filter
The Kalman Filter
The discrete Fourier transform

Introduction To Controls
Phase Vocoder and Encoder

Object-Oriented Programming
Structure arrays
MATLAB Classes

An Alternative To MATLAB:Octave
What is Octave?
Octave/MATLAB differences

Introduction To Toolboxes
Symbolic Math Toolbox.GUIDE
Psych Toolbox

Image Acquisition Tool
Device Connection
Image Preview & Device Configuration.Image Data Acquisition

Image Processing Tool
Display and Exploration
Geometric Transformation,Spatial Referencing and Image Registration
Image Enhancement
Image Analysis
Image Import,Export&Conversion

Introduction To Robotics
History of Robotics
Why Robotics
How Robotics works
Application of Robotics
Current Industrial Robotics
Future of Robotics

Anatomy Of Robot
What are Basic Modules?
Why Need of Basic Modules
Working Approach on Robotics

Introduction To Electronic Components
What is Electronic Component
History of Electronic Component
Various Electronic Component
Application of Electronic Component
How to use Electronic Component
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