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Evolution of Microservices
Learning Objective:In this Module, you will learn how Microservices have evolved over time and how different is Microservices from SOA. In addition, you will get to know about different architectures and where does Microservices architecture fit.
Monolithic Architecture
Distributed Architecture
Service oriented Architecture
Microservice and API Ecosystem
Microservices in nutshell
Point of considerations
SOA vs. Microservice
Microservice & API
Architecture styles
Advantages of different architecture styles
Limitations of Architectures
What is Microservices
Microservices Architecture
Learning Objective: Learn the various principles of REST, the various characteristics of Microservices, the importance of messaging in Microservices architecture, and the concept of distributed transactions.
Microservice Architecture principles
Inter-Process Communications
Microservice Transaction Management
What are the points you need to consider while building microservices
How the services communicate with each other
How the transaction management is done in microservice.
Microservices - Design
Learning Objective:This Module gives you an insight into Domain Driven Design, the approach called Big Ball of Mud, the approaches and their strategies that can be used while moving from Monolithic to Microservices.
Microservice Architecture Decisions
Big Mud Ball to Sweet Gems
Design and develop a microservice
Architecture Decisions
Monolithic to Microservices redesign.
Learn to identify and design microservices.
Microservices - Security
Learning Objective:Know why security is an important factor to be considered in Microservices. Learn what are the various best practices around Microservice security design, and what techniques can be used to implement security.
Why it’s so important
Microservice Security Principles
Access Tokens
Oauth 2.0
Oauth 2.0
Security tokens
Secure by design
Microservices - Testing
Learning Objective:Learn the different testing strategies that can be implemented in Microservices, how Spring Boot features help in testing Microservices, and the various testing tools that are available to be used.
Testing scenarios and strategy
Test at Different Levels
Testing Best Practice for Microservices
Testing methodology
How to test Microservices
Microservices Reference Architecture
Learning Objective:Get an insight into Microservices reference architecture, what are the key Microservice enablers and how does DevOps and Microservice go hand in hand. In addition, know what features an API system provide to Microservices, and how Netflix has benefited by implementing Microservices.
Netflix Architecture
Future Trends
Enabler Technologies
Scalable Architecture
How Netflix uses Microservices
How cloud and DevOps enables Microservice architecture
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