Microsoft Azure Design,Config and Impl

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1. Overview of Microsoft Azure IaaS Components
Introduction to cloud technology
Microsoft offering in public cloud
Microsoft Azure Management Portal
Microsoft Azure Regions
Azure Compute
Azure Network
Azure Storage
2. Azure Compute Landscape
Microsoft Azure datacenters architecture
Azure Cloud Services
Azure WebApps
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Mobile Services
Virtual Machine and Cloud Services
3. Azure Virtual Machines
Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine Sizes
Virtual Machine Deployment
Disk & Images
Virtual Machine Availability Set
Data Import and Export Services
Accessing a Virtual Machine
Deploying an Open Source VM
4. Extending your datacenter to cloud
Microsoft Azure Security Overview
Microsoft Azure datacenters
Security extensions and configuration extensions
Extending On-premises domain to cloud
Azure ingress and out grass traffic
Geo-redundant Storage
5. Azure Networking
Endpoints Configuration
Port Forwarding Input Endpoints
External Load Balancer
Traffic Manager
Managing ACL (Access Control List)
Azure DHCP & Static IP Addressing
Reserved IP Addresses
Virtual Network
Bring your own DNS
Network Security Group
Point to Site Connectivity
Site to Site Connectivity
Azure Multi Site Connectivity
Azure ExpressRoute
6. Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Identity Challenges
Windows Server AD and Azure AD
AD Architecture Options
Managing Identity in Cloud
SaaS Application integration
Office 365 introduction and integration with Azure AD
AD to Azure AD sync options
Configure Synchronization.
SSO challenges and Solution
Configure SSO for IaaS/ PaaS and SaaS Applications
7. Azure AD Premium
Personalize access and Self Service capabilities
Company branding
Group-based application access
Self-Service Password reset
Self-Service group management
Advance security reports and alerts
Multi-factor authentication
Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)
Azure AD Application Proxy
Enterprise SLA 99.9 %
8. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Simple, Automated Protection
Azure Backup for IaaS workloads
Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud
Reliable offsite data protection
A simple and integrated solution
Create a backup vault
Backup agent
Manage backup vaults and servers
Safeguard your infrastructure: Azure Site Recovery
Replication and recovery to Azure
Continuous Health Monitoring
Orchestrated Recovery
Azure Site recovery scenarios
Heterogeneous disaster recovery
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