Microsoft Project 2013

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Course Objectives
After the completion of Microsoft Project Course at Iteanz, you should be able to:
1. Understand the importance of MS Project in following a structured approach to managing projects.
2. Define the initial settings in MS Project.
3. Prepare and use MS Project for planning, tracking and reporting on projects.
4. Understand how to document lessons learned and close projects.

Who should go for this course? 
Anybody associated with Project Management, in any industry or domain can attend this course.

A basic understanding of the project and project environment is helpful.

Why Learn Microsoft® Project 2013? 
MS Project is used across industries in many organizations. Many clients want the projects to be planned and tracked in MS Project.

1. Introduction to Microsoft® Project
Learning Objectives - Familiarize with MS project tool and the initial settings.
Topics- The Interface, Tabs (Task, Resource, Report, Project, View, Format), Backstage view, Project Information, Setup a new project, Setup Project Calendar, Setup non working days, Enter basic project information.
2. Creating Tasks and Task Management
Learning Objectives - Understand how to define scope on project.
Topics- Auto Scheduled and Manually Scheduled Tasks, Entering Tasks and subtasks, Duration, Notes, Constraints, Hyperlinks, Deadlines, Entering and Deleting Tasks, Indent and Outdent, Establishing Dependencies and Assigning Milestones, Recurring Tasks.
3. Listing Resources, Assigning Resources and Project Costs
Learning Objectives - Understand how to create resources and assign resources, understanding how to view costs for individual Tasks, Modules and the Total Project.
Topics- Creating Resources, Resource type, Group, Code, Setting Resource Calendar, Cost, Notes, Assigning Resources and Resource Load Analysis, Viewing Project Costs.
4. Project Plan Formatting
Learning Objectives - Understanding how to view project information in different formats.
Topics- Defining Date Format, Currency Format, Font, Text Styles, Format Bar, Bar Styles, Format Layout, Format Gridlines, Progress Lines, Format Columns, Column Settings, Field Settings, Custom Fields.
5. Project Tracking and EVMS
Learning Objectives - Understand how to update actual project information and compare to the plan.
Topics- Critical Path Analysis, Setting Baseline, Updating Project with Actual Results, Comparing to Baseline and Tracking Gantt View, EVMS, Status Date, Tables (Earned Value, Earned Value Cost Indicators, Earned Value Schedule Indicators), Earned Value options for Project.
6. Project Views and Reports
Learning Objectives - Organizing Project information for viewing and sharing.
Topics- Copy Views and Reports, View Slipped Tasks, Print Views and Reports, Reports (Visual, Dashboard, Resources, In Progress).
This course does not have any sections.

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