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SharePoint As A Developer Platform
Introducing the SharePoint Developer Landscape
Choosing Approaches to SharePoint Development
Understanding SharePoint 2013 Deployment and Execution Models
Working With SharePoint Objects
Understanding the SharePoint Object Hierarchy
Working with Sites and Webs
Working with Execution Contexts
Working With Lists And Libraries
Using List and Library Objects
Querying and Retrieving List Data
Working with Large Lists
Designing And Managing Features And Solutions
Working with Features
Deploying Solutions
Working with Sandboxed Solutions
Working With Server-Side Code
Developing Web Parts
Using Event Receivers
Using Timer Jobs
Storing Configuration Data
Managing Identity And Permissions
Understanding Identity Management in SharePoint 2013
Managing Permissions in SharePoint 2013
Configuring Forms-Based Authentication
Customizing the Authentication Experience
Managing Custom Components And Site Lifecycles
Component Overview
Defining Custom Lists
Defining Custom Sites
Managing SharePoint Sites
Introducing Apps For SharePoint
Overview of Apps for SharePoint
Developing Apps for SharePoint
Client-Side SharePoint Development
Using the Client-Side Object Model for JavaScript
Using the REST API with JavaScript
Developing Remote Hosted SharePoint Apps
Overview of Remote Hosted Apps
Configuring Remote Hosted Apps
Developing Remote Hosted Apps
Publishing And Distributing Apps
Understanding the App Management Architecture
Understanding App Packages
Publishing Apps
Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling Apps
Automating Business Processes
Understanding Workflow in SharePoint 2013
Building Workflows by using Visio 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013
Developing Workflows in Visual Studio 2012
Managing Taxonomy
Managing Taxonomy in SharePoint 2013
Working with Content Types
Working with Advanced Features of Content Types
Customizing User Interface Elements
Working with Custom Actions
Using Client-Side User Interface Components
Customizing the SharePoint List User Interface
Working With Branding And Navigation
Creating and Applying Themes
Branding and Designing Publishing Sites
Tailoring Content to Platforms and Devices
Configuring and Customizing Navigation
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