OOPS ABAP Interview Questions

What is OOPS ABAP ?

  • Object orientation (OO), or to be more precise, object-oriented programming, is a problem-solving method in which the software solution reflects objects in the real world.
  • A comprehensive introduction to object orientation as a whole would go far beyond the limits of this introduction to ABAP Objects. This documentation introduces a selection of terms that are used universally in object orientation and also occur in ABAP Objects. In subsequent sections, it goes on to discuss in more detail how these terms are used in

Is It Mandatory To Implement All Methods Of Interface In The Class Which Includes Interface?

No it is not mandatory to implement all normal interface methods but it is mandatory to implement all Abstract methods.

What Is An Interface In Ooabap?

Interface is class which contains methods without implementations.

Can We Instantiate The Interface?

No, we can not instantiate interface using create object keyword.

Can We Achieve Multiple Inheritance Using Interfaces?

Yes, by using interface concept in SAP ABAp, we can achieve multiple inheritance

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Does Polymorphism Achieved Through Interfaces?

Yes, by using interface concept in SAP ABAP, we can polymorphism

What Is The Difference Between Abstract Class And Interface?

Abstract class is a class which contains at least one abstract method( Method without implementation), Abstract class contains methods with implementation and without implementation and we cannot create instance for the abstract class .

  • Abstract class is mainly for inheritance .
  • Interface contains methods without implementation .

What Is Alias Name In Ooabap?

Alias is an alias name for the interface method implemented in the class .

Can We Raise Events In Interface?

No, you can not raise events in interface, Because there is no Implementation for the methods. We can create events in interfaces .

What Is A Single-ton Class?

Single-ton class is a class which allows to instantiate once only .

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