Mastering OpenStack

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Understanding Cloud & OpenStack
Basics of virtualization
Relationship : Virtualization & cloud, Introduction to cloud and cloud models
Introduction to OpenStack
OpenStack ecology and OpenStack services
Preparing your environment for lab sessions.
Keystone (OpenStack Authentication System)
OpenStack Identity
Identity Management
Service Catalog
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Keystone Internal Architecturev
Token Validation – API
Setting up Keystone as a part of the Controller node
Nova (OpenStack Compute Service)
OpenStack Compute Service Architecture
Nova internals
KVM based Architecture
Instances, Images and Nova-Network usage
Setting up the Nova node.
Cinder (OpenStack Block Service)
A deep dive into OpenStack
Cinder Internals
Cinder backends
Industry implementations
Installation of Cinder
Manage\troubleshoot Cinder.
Glance (OpenStack Image Service)
OpenStack Glance Architecture
Glance internals
Image conversions to qcow2
Installation of Glance
Best practices on Glance store backend
Image uploads and downloads.
Neutron (OpenStack Neutron Service)
Deep-dive on the OpenStack Neutron Architecture
ML2, ML3 plugins
Installation of Neutron
Network creation
router creation
Core Neutron plugins and network configuration.
Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard Service)
Introduction to Horizon
Installation of Horizon
GUI walkthrough.
Heat (OpenStack Orchestration Service)
Deep-dive on OpenStack Heat Architecture Heat agents
Write Heat templates
Installation of Heat service
Integrate heat templates to automate instance launches.
Ceilometer (OpenStack Billing Service)
A deep-dive into OpenStack Ceilometer
Data polling
retrieval and setting up alarms Installation of Ceilometer
Integrate Heat + Ceilometer for automation of instance\networks\storage launches
Create Meter
Trove (OpenStack Database As A Service)
An OpenStack Trove architectural deep-dive Installation of Trove
Launching database from CLI or the dashboard.
Swift (OpenStacks Object Storage)
Installation of Swift
Swift rings, image locations
component based uploads
Replication, Account Reaping
Integrate Swift with Glance to use as an image store
Installation & Troubleshooting
Environment Setup
Building a controller node
Building a network node
Building a compute node
Adding additional compute nodes to the existing OpenStack implementation.
OpenStack Operators Guide ( ***Very Important For Day-To-Day Openstack Operations)
Real-time problem resolutions
Real-time operations of OpenStack environment
Bug/Issue trackings
Troubleshooting scenarios and resolutions.
Central Logging
Installation of ELK STACK
Configuration of ELK Stack for OpenStack
Rotation of logs.
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