Oracle Apps Technical

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Introduction To Oracle Applications
Role of Technical Consultant
Architecture of Oracle Application Package
Product Directory Structures
Role of Apps Database User
File Objects in Oracle Applications
Database objects in Oracle Applications
Profile Options
Table Registration
Table Registration using AD_DD package
View Registration
Sequence Registration
New Application/New Module Development
Form Registration
Form Functions
Non-Form Functions
Basic Report Registration
Parametric Report Registration
Registration of SQL*Plus files
Registration of SQL*Loader files
Report Development
Customization of Reports –Adding DFF Info
Customization of Reports –Removing Parameters
FlexfieldReport with Single Structure
Interface Development
Interface Scenarios
Usage of Standard Import Programs
Daily Rates Import
Forms Up-gradation
Reports Up-gradation
Menus Up-gradation
XML Publisher
Generating XML File through Report Builder
Creating a Template
Generating RTF Output
Register XML Report in APPS
Discoverer Administration Edition
Creating a private end user layer for a new tutorial
database user
Connecting to discoverer administrator, using the load wizard and the work area
Modifying the Business Area
Working with Custom Folders
Creating Joins
Customizing Items
Designing a complex Folder
Working with Hierarchies
Form Development Process
Template Form Architecture
Apps stand Architecture
FNDMENU Architecture
Coding Standards
Name Conventions
Form Development Process
WHO Information Tracking
Queries find Window
Customization of Forms
Programming of Non-Form Functions
Introduction to Key and Descriptive Flexfields
Enabling a DFF
DFF Registration
KFF Registration
Define a KFF FlexfieldsStructure
Invoking DFF form of New Form
Invoking KFF Form of New Form
Report Development
Report Coding Standards
User Exits in Report design
Customization of Reports –Adding Parameters
Customization of Reports –Adding Logos
Discoverer User Edition
Creation of Simple Workbook
To design parameterized workbook
To change Heading items
To insert new sheet in the Workbook
To add and remove items from Workbook
To create duplicate sheet in Workbook
To add title to the Worksheet
To insert date, time, page numbers and image on
Header/Title of Workbook
To apply Conditional Formatting
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