Performance Testing and Engineering Training VSTS

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Chapter I. Fundamentals of Server architecture (2hours)
Client server architecture
Protocol communication and its parameters
Response Time, throughput
2-tier, Multi tire, LB server, Cloud Environment structures & Differences
Network LevelSniffers.
Chapter II. Performance Testing Introduction (3 hours)
Web Application Performance testing
Mobile Application performance testing
Client based or Desktop application performance testing
Web Services, Micro services, SOAP Service, REST APIs performance testing.
Current market open and licensed Performance testing tools
Chapter III. Types of Performance testing (2 hours)
Requirements & Standers of execution
Think time pacing estimations
Baseline & Bench marks findings
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Endurance Testing
Scalability Testing
Volume Testing
Capacity Testing
Chapter IV. Performance test scripting (3 hours)
Scripting Standards
Script Recording Enhancement
Enhancement technique’s&Web Test Plugin
Basic Error Handling
Chapter V. Load Profile design ( 2 hours)
Planning Load profile scenarios
Load profile components parameters
Workload model of the system’s busy hour
Execution & Run time monitoring
Chapter VI. Analysis & Reporting (4 hours)
Types of Performance Bottlenecks
DB Profiling
Middle layer monitoring
Performance test final report
Architectural and code level Tuning
Fundamentals of Performance Engineering Process
Chapter VII. Performance Engineering & Architectural and code level Tuning (4 hours)
Monitoring tools AppDynamics
Memory Dump analysis
Linux and cloud based monitoring techniques
JAVA Application tuning
.Net Application tuning
Server architectures, algorithms and tuning best practice’s.
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