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On course completion the learners will have in-depth understanding of the various concepts in Pig. The learners will be able to write complex MapReduce transformations using a simple scripting language called Pig Latin. It helps learners to work on Hadoop framework without using Java.
Course Objectives
After the completion of the Comprehensive Pig course at myTectra, you will be able to:
Understand the benefits and features of Pig
Perform Data Analytics using Pig
Learn to write your own functions to do special-purpose processing
Easy programming of Complex tasks involving interrelated data transformations encoded as data flow sequences
Understand advanced Pig concepts like Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group & Co-group operator, Union, Pig UDF
Work on a Real life project in Pig Latin and gain hands on Project Experience
Who should go for this Course?
The course is designed for all those who want to learn Pig and implement it in Hadoop. The following professionals can learn Pig:
Analytics Professionals
BI /ETL/DW Professionals
Project Managers
Testing Professionals
Mainframe Professionals
Software Developers and Architects
Graduates aiming to build a career in Big Data and Hadoop
1. Pig
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn the basics of Pig, types of use cases where Pig van be used, tight coupling between Pig and Map Reduce, and Pig Latin scripting. Topics - About Pig, Map Reduce Vs Pig, Pig Use Cases, Programming Structure in Pig, Pig Running Modes, Pig components, Pig Execution, Pig Latin Program, Data Models in Pig, Pig Data Types, Project work
2. Advanced Pig
Learning Objectives -In this module you will learn more advanced concepts in Pig like Pig Latin and the different functions and tools like Operators and loaders etc. Topics - Pig Latin : Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group Operator, CO GROUP Operator, Joins and CO GROUP, Union, Diagnostic Operators, Pig UDF, Pig Demo on Healthcare Data set, Project work.
This course does not have any sections.

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