Power BI Interview Questions

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI  is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

What’s the difference between Power BI and Power BI Pro?

Power BI provides all sorts of features to help you get started exploring data in a whole new way. Power BI Pro provides all of the same great features in Power BI, plus additional features like more storage capacity, scheduling data refresh more frequent than daily, live data sources with full interactivity, groups, and more. Learn more about the differences between Power BI Pro and the free Power BI.

How much does Power BI cost?

Power BI and Power BI Desktop are free. There is a 60-day free trial available for Power BI Pro. After that, Power BI Pro is $9.99/User/Month. Learn more about our pricing Power BI pricing.

What is Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is a free desktop application you can install right on your own computer. Power BI Desktop works cohesively with the Power BI service by providing advanced data exploration, shaping, modeling, and report creation with highly interactive visualizations. You can save your work to a file, and publish your data and reports right to your Power BI site to share with others.

What do I need to use Power BI?

Just a Web browser and work email address.

Note: Work email addresses ending in .gov and .mil aren’t currently supported.

What is DAX ?

To do basic calculation and data analysis on data in power pivot we use Data Analysis Expression (DAX).It is formula language to compute calculated column and calculated field.

  • Dax works on column values
  • Dax can not modify or insert data
  • We can calculate calculated column and measures but we can not calculate rows using dax

Sample DAX formula syntax:

For the measure named Total Sales, calculate (=) the SUM of values in the [SalesAmount ] column in the Sales table.

A- Measure Name
B-  equal sign – indicate beginning of formula
C- DAX Function
D- Parenthesis for Sum Function
E- Referenced Table
F- Referenced column name

Why do I have to sign up with my work email?

Power BI does not support email addresses provided by consumer email services or telecommunications providers. Learn more about the Power BI self-service sign-up process.

Which work email addresses are supported?

Work email addresses ending in .edu and .org are supported.

Those ending in .gov and .mil aren’t currently supported.

Is government, academic and non-profit pricing available for Power BI?

Yes, non-profit pricing is available when purchasing directly from Microsoft. You can learn more and sign up through the Microsoft Product Donation site. Government and academic pricing is offered through the MOSP/Direct, EA, and Open licensing programs. Government pricing is also available in syndication. Power BI is not yet available for the US Government Community Cloud (GCC).

What is xVelocity in-memory analytics engine used in power pivot?

The main engine behind power pivot is the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine. It can handle large amount of data because it stores data in columnar databases and in memory analytics which results in faster processing of data as it loads all data to RAM memory. For best result use 64 bit operating system as 64 bit can  load more data to RAM.

Is Power BI available on-premises?

No, Power BI is not available as a private, internal cloud service. However, with Power BI and Power BI Desktop, you can securely connect to your own on-premises data sources. With the On-premises Data Gateway, you can connect live to your on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services server, and other data sources. You can also scheduled refresh with a centralized gateway. If a gateway is not available, you can refresh data from on-premises data sources using the Power BI Gateway – Personal.

You can also view on-premises SQL Server mobile reports with the Power BI iOS apps:

  • SQL Server mobile reports on the iPhone.
  • SQL Server mobile reports on the iPad

Does Power BI support mobile devices?

Yes. Power BI has native apps for Android phones, iOS devices, and Windows 10 devices. Download one of the Power BI mobile apps from its respective store:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store

What data sources can I connect to?

The list of data sources for Power BI is extensive, but it can be grouped into the following:

  • Data from Excel and Power BI Desktop files.
  • Content packs for services, with ready-made dashboards, reports, and datasets for services such as Salesforce. In addition to establishing a data connection, Power BI provides pre-built dashboards and reports for each of these services.
  • Connectors to databases and other datasets such as Azure SQL Databaseand SQL Server Analysis Services tabular data.

Read more about getting Power BI.

What are content packs?

Content packs for services are pre-built solutions for popular services as part of the Power BI experience. A subscriber to a supported service can quickly connect to their account from Power BI and see their data through live dashboards and interactive reports that have been pre-built for them.  We’ve released content packs for popular services such as Salesforce.com, Marketo, Adobe Analytics, Azure Mobile Engagement, CircuitID, comScore Digital Analytix, Quickbooks Online, SQL Sentry, and tyGraph. Over the coming months, we’ll extend this to include content packs and integrations for Sage, SpaceCurve, Sumo Logic, Zuora, Planview, Insightly, Troux, Inkling, and others.

Organizational content packs provide users, BI professionals, and system integrators the tools to build their own content packs to share purpose-built dashboards, reports, and datasets within their organization.

What are the different Excel BI add ins?

  • Power Query—find, edit and load external data
  • PowerPivot—for data modeling for analysis
  • Power View—design visually and interactively reports
  • Power Map—display insights on 3D Map

What do I need to install in order to use Power BI?

To use the Power BI service for free, you just need a Web browser and email.

To explore data and create reports in Power BI Desktop, download Power BI Desktop for free.

You can download the Power BI mobile apps from their respective stores:

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store

Power BI Desktop’s Software License Terms say “You may install and use one copy of the software on your premises.” Does this mean I am limited to one copy of Power BI Desktop for the entire company?

Power BI Desktop’s use rights do not limit you to one copy of Power BI Desktop for the entire company. Each individual user at the company may install and use one copy on their premises.

Where do I get started with Power BI?

The following resources are available to help get your started:

  • Power BI Blog
  • Webinars
  • Getting started videos on our YouTube Channel
  • Get started with Power BI article
  • Join our community and ask questions

How can I buy Power BI Pro in my country?

You can purchase Power BI Pro licenses directly or chat with a representative at www.powerbi.com.

You can also find a Microsoft Partner to help you with your Power BI implementation.

Does Power BI meet national, regional, and industry-specific compliance requirements?

Learn more about Power BI compliance, at the Microsoft Trust Center.

What has happened to the Power BI for Office 365 experience?

The Power BI for Office 365 experience has been deprecated.

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Explain various parts of Microsoft self-service BI solution?

There are two main parts of Microsoft self-service Business Intelligence solution. They are:

1. Excel BI Toolkit
2. Power BI
3. Define Microsoft Power BI

Define Excel BI Toolkit?

Allowing users to create interactive report by means of importing data from a wide range of sources and model data acc to requirement.

Define Power BI?

A cloud-based data sharing environment, Power BI allows anyone to analyze and visualize data with greater efficiency, speed and understanding. Besides, it helps in connecting users to a wide range of data with the help of easy-to-operate dashboards, compelling visualizations, and interactive reports bringing data to life.

What the term Power BI Desktop means?

Can be installed on your computer, Power BI Desktop is a free app that works in cohesion with the Power BI service by offering advanced data exploration, modelling, shaping, and report creation with the use of highly interactive visualizations. Moreover, it allows you to save your all work to a file for publishing your reports and data to Power BI site for sharing with others.

What is the need of signing up with work email?

Power BI is not supporting email addresses given by telecommunications providers and consumer email services, thus there is a need of signing up with work email.

Name the work email addresses that are currently supported?

Work email addresses that are finishing with .org and .edu are currently supported.

Which pricing is available for Power BI from academic, government and non-profit?

Non-profit pricing is currently available for Power BI only when availing it directly from Microsoft. While Academic and Government pricing for Power BI is provided via the EA, MSOP/Direct and Open licensing programs. Besides, government pricing can also be availed in syndication.

Is there are support available for mobile devices by Power BI?

Yes, Power BI supports mobile devices. It has some native apps for iOS devices, Android smartphones, and Windows 10 devices. You can download and install Power BI mobile apps from the following app stores:

1. Google Play
2. Apple App Store
3. Windows Store

What data sources can be connected to for Power BI?

There is a wide list of data sources you can connect to for Power BI. They are groups as mentioned below:

1. Connectors to databases and some other datasets like Azure SQL
2. Data from Power BI Desktop files and Excel
3. Content packs for reports, services, and datasets. Moreover, along with establishing a data connection, Power BI offers pre-built reports and dashboards for each of these services.

Define content packs?

These are pre-built solutions used for popular services as a major part of the Power BI experience.

various Excel BI add Ins?

1. Power Query to find, edit and load external data
2. Power View for designing interactive and visual reports
3. PowerPivot to analyse data modeling
4. Power Map for displaying insights in 3D Map

What must be installed to use Power BI?

For using the service of Power BI for free, one just need a web browser and work email. With this, you can explore data as well as create reports in Power Bi Desktop. To get Power BI mobile apps, you can head to their respective stores:
Google Pay, App Store and Windows Store .

How one can get started with Power BI?

There are some resources to get assistance and get started with Power BI. They are as follows:

1. Webinars
2. Power BI Blog
3. You can get started with an article on Power BI
4. You can get started with a video on YouTube
5. Last but not the least, joining a related community and get answered

What is the procedure for buying Power BI Pro?

Power BI licenses can be purchased at www.powerbi.com . Besides, you can also get assistance from a Microsoft partner to aid you with the implementation of Power BI.

Is the Power BI service accessible on-premises?

No, you can not avail the service as private or internal cloud service. However, with the use of Power BI and Power BI Desktop, one can connect securely to their own on-premises data sources.

Explain Power Pivot Data Model?

It is a model that is made up of data types, tables, columns, and table relations. These data tables are typically constructed for holding data for a business entity.

Define Power Query?

It is an ETL tool used for shaping, cleaning and transforming data with the help of intuitive interfaces without using code. With this,

1. You can import data from various sources like from files to databases
2. Append and join data from a wide range of sources
3. You can shape data as needed by adding and removing it

Name the language that is used in power query?

M-code which is a new programming language is used in Power Query. This language is easy to use and is quite similar to other languages. Also, it is case sensitive.

Name the data destinations for Power Query?

Two destinations are there for output we receive from power query. They are:

1. Load to Excel Data Model
2. Load to table in a worksheet

Explain Power BI Designer?

Power BI Designer is a standalone app that can be used for making Power BI reports and then uploading it to Powerbi.com. Moreover, it does not need excel.

All in all, it is a combination of Power Pivot, Power View and Power Query.

Is there any process to refresh Power BI reports one uploaded to cloud?

Yes, Power Bi reports can be refreshed using Data Management Gateway and Power BI Personal Gateway.

Explain the difference between Power BI personal Gateway and Data Management Gateway?

Power BI Personal Gateway is used for reports that are deployed in Powerbi.com. On the other hand, Data management gateway is an app installed in source data machines in order to help reports to be deployed on sharepoint and can be scheduled to automatic refresh.

Name all the platforms for which Power BI app is available?

Power BI app is available for:

1. Android
2. iPhone and iPad
3. Windows tablets and Windows Desktops
4. Coming for Windows phone soon

Differentiate between older and newer Power BI?

There are new designing tool used in newer Power BI known as Power BI Desktop. It is a standalone designer which include Power Pivot, Power View and Power Query in back end.

On the other hand, Older Power Bi has add-ins for excel. In newer Power Bi, there are more graphs available such as line area chart, combo chart, tree map, water fall, etc.

Is it possible to have over one active relationship between two tables in power pivot data model?

No, it is not possible. There can’t be over one active relationship between two tables in power pivot data model. If you want, then it is only possible to have one active relationship and other many inactive.

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