SAP C4C Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is SAP C4C solution? Explain key objectives?

Ans: SAP Cloud for customer C4C is a cloud solution to efficiently manage customer sales, customer service and marketing activities and is one of key SAP solution to manage customer relationship.

Following are the key objectives of SAP Cloud for Customer C4C −

  • Relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Insight
  • Business Processes

2.What is C4C Technical?

Ans: SAP C4C Technical is SAP Cloud for client is that the new client-Centric Enterprise Cloud answer designed and free by SAP for the Customer Engagement and Relationship Management.

3.What are the individual products come under SAP Cloud for Customer?

  • SAP Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Cloud for Marketing
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

4.In how many languages SAP Cloud for Customer solution is available?

Ans: SAP Cloud for Customer C4C solution is available from June 20, 2011.

SAP Cloud for Customer C4C is available in 19 languages as on May 2015.

5.What are the key advantages of using SAP Cloud for Customer solution as compared to On-Premise solution?

Ans: One of the key benefit of using SAP Cloud for Customer is its Operation expenditure cost and operation maintenance.

You can take licenses as per your requirement and it can be increased on demand

SAP C4C solution is managed by vendor and all operational cost and maintenance is vendor responsibility.

SAP C4C solution allows you to manage customer needs from anywhere and with seven layer security from cloud service providers.

You can access all customer information regardless where they are stored or available.

SAP Cloud for customer is based on cloud and use secure and fast communication using web, mobile and supporting mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows devices, in both online and offline mode.

6.Could you explain SAP C4C architecture and integration between ERP and cloud solution?

SAP C4C has multitenant architecture where solution and components is shared between multiple customers. There is an option to go for single tenant by paying additional cost. In a multiple tenant environment, all the updates and releases are built on C4C custom solutions for multiple clients.

SAP Cloud for customer C4C solution can be easily integrated with SAP ERP and CRM on premise solution. There are two ways for the integration-

SAP Process Integration PI/PO −

This is recommended when you are already using Process integration for on premise systems.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration HCI −

This integration is recommended when you have to perform cloud to cloud integration.

The C4C integration to CRM On premise could be on the basis of level of customization required, whether the functionality is required to be on the cloud/on the field, what are the master data governance rules within the company, Sales organization structure, etc.

7.What is the default client for Cloud for Customer? Where do you access Silverlight mode for administration task?

Ans: The default client is HTML5 but C4C administrators can launch the Silverlight UI from the Adaptation menu to access the configuration relevant work centers.

To open Silverlight UI mode, go to Adapt tab at the top → Launch Microsoft Silverlight

8.What are work centers in SAP Cloud for Customer?

Ans: When you open SAP Cloud for Customer in Silverlight mode, you can access multiple work centers to perform various administrative and configuration tasks.

9.What are the different steps involved in Project Implementation?

  • Country and Type of Business
  • Implementation Focus
  • Scoping
  • Questioning
  • Review
  • Confirmation

10.Wherever does one produce AN worker In C4c Environment?

Ans: Open Silver light UI, visit Administrator > click on staff tab

11.However does one Perform User Management In C4c Environment?

Ans: In SAP Cloud for client, user management deals with maintain worker records in system and creation of users and business roles. As per business roles, you’ll be able to assign completely different access rights and information restrictions to the users.

12.Wherever does one Maintain Service class In C4c Work Centres?

Ans: Service classes permit you to make and organize service classes and incident classes inside service class catalos.

To maintain Service class, visit Administration >Service and Social > Service classes

13.What square measure the various choices whereas process a brand new Service Level?

Ans: You must offer a Service Level Name, and a Service Level ID. you’ll be able to additionally offer AN facultative service level Description.

14.Once commonplace knowledge Sources aren’t ready to Fulfill news needs, What are you able to Do to satisfy Business Requirement?

Ans: When commonplace knowledge sources aren’t ready to fulfill news needs, you’ll be able to produce custom knowledge sources in C4C cloud setting.

There are two strategies to make custom knowledge supply :

Combined knowledge supply

Joined knowledge supply

15.What’s A Key Figure In Sap C4c Reporting?

Key figures are outlined as key performance indicators within the report. you’ll be able to conjointly refine the info showing in key figures by fitting restricted or calculated key figures.

You can outline a restricted key figure as key figure restricted to a nominative characteristic worth and is commonly created for comparison metrics.

In C4C news, a calculated key figure is outlined because the key figure that contains some calculation rules or formulas. A calculated key figure is often created from Associate in Nursing existing key figures within the chosen knowledge supply.

16.However does one produce Custom Reports In C4c?

Ans: In SAP C4C, you’ll be able to conjointly produce custom reports supported custom fields in your resolution and these custom fields are often additional to knowledge sources or reports.

You can be a part of or mix heterogeneous knowledge sources that are created in C4C setting or those who are delivered with the answer, moreover as produce custom calculated measures and comparison metrics.

17.What’s commonplace Reports, Custom Reports And Interactive Reports In C4c Reporting?

Ans: SAP Cloud for client C4C supports below sorts of reporting:

Standard reports:

These are commonplace reports that are supplied with C4C resolution.

Custom reports:

This includes custom reports in C4C that ar created as per business demand.

Interactive Dashboards:

These are user interactive dashboards that are created one by one.

18.What’s Adaptation In C4c?

It consists of Customization that’s done by C4C directors in Silver light UI screen. Associate in Nursing Administrator will limit user to individualize his/her screen and to try and do personalization for all the user etc. This step is termed Adaptation.

19.What are The Key blessings Of mistreatment Sap Cloud For client answer As Compared To On-premise Solution?

One of the key good thing about mistreatment SAP Cloud for client is its Operation expenditure price and operation maintenance.

You can take licenses as per your demand and it will be exaggerated on demand

SAP C4C answer is managed by merchandiser and every one operational price and maintenance is merchandiser responsibility.

SAP C4C answer permits you to manage client desires from anyplace and with seven layer security from cloud service suppliers.

You can access all client info regardless wherever they’re keep or out there.

SAP Cloud for client relies on cloud and use secure and quick communication mistreatment internet, mobile and supporting mobile platforms iOS, robot and Windows devices, in each on-line and offline mode.

20.In what number Languages Sap Cloud For client answer Is Available?

Ans: SAP Cloud for client C4C answer is obtainable from Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2011.

SAP Cloud for client C4C is obtainable in nineteen languages as on might 2015.

21.What is C4C Mash ups?

Ans: In SAP C4C, you can integrate data from applications and online web services using mashups. There are various preconfigured mashups in system that can be used for data integration.

URL Mashups

HTML Mashups

Data Mashups

22.Is it possible to integrate Outlook with C4C solution?

Ans: In SAP Cloud for Customer, you can also integrate your cloud solution with your email using Add In for Microsoft Outlook to support sales, service and marketing scenarios.

To ensure integration between C4C and Outlook, you need to ensure scoping is selected at the time of project implementation.

23.What are the different agent functions that can be performed in C4C Retail environment?

SAP C4C Retail store agent can perform following functions −

Customer View −

An agent can check and view customer past order details and hence provide personalize service by recommending few products.

Customer Check-In −

Check in the customer to store for shopping.

Customer Look up −

Retail agent can look up for the details of any customer who walks in to the store, his loyalty status, contact details, etc.

Product Recommendation −

Sales agent can recommend products to customer as per wish list.

Product Look up −

Retail agent can look up the products for customers and provide details like prices, offers and location of products in store.

Availability Check −

C4C Retail agent can perform the availability check for specific products in their stores as well as other store locations.

24.What is the purpose of using C4C Retail?

Ans: SAP C4C Retail allows retail stores to provide their customer with personalized shopping experience by suggesting recommended products, easy check out options. Using SAP C4C Retail a retail store employee can import all user details, offers and instore products from C4C system and use it to emphasize great store experience.

25.What is SAP C4C Sales Cycle?

Ans: In SAP Cloud for Customer, a sales cycle consists of all key activities under Sales process.

Sales Order

Sales Quotes

Sales Lead

Opportunities and many more components