Sharepoint 2013 Development Interview Questions

Describe the Cloud App Model?

The Cloud App Model that enables you to create apps. Apps for SharePoint are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website.

Why build Apps?

Enables you to build apps for SharePoint by using familiar tools and a rich set of features. Familiar programming model and access to SharePoint data and services, Multiple options for hosting, Familiar user experience for end users, Integration with apps for Office, and SharePoint Store and App Catalog.

What as an App in its most basic form?

A web application that is registered with SharePoint using an app manifest

What is an app manifest?

An app manifest is an XML file that declares the basic properties of the app along with where the app will run and what to do when the app is started.

Where can the code for an app run?

SharePoint-hosted apps, Provider-hosted and auto hosted apps, Apps that have a mix of components in SharePoint and in the cloud.

How does an app communicate with SharePoint?

  1. REST and JavaScript APIs
  2. Managed APIs (.NET)

How can the app authenticate to SharePoint?

  1. Inside SharePoint
  2. In the cloud

How are apps distributed?

Apps for SharePoint are distributed as an app package.

What are some options for app publishing?

  1. Public SharePoint app store
  2. Organization’s app catalog

What is OData?

The Open Data protocol (OData) lets you access a data source, such as a database, by browsing to a specially constructed URL.

What is the primary benefit of OData?

Simplified approach for connecting to and working with data sources that are hosted within an organization.

What technologies does OData use?

  1. HTTP
  2. Atom
  3. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

How can you avoid direct code against the OData source?

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) can communicate with OData sources, or producers, without having to code directly to the OData source.

What is an OData producer, and some examples?

Producers expose their data in a structured way via a web service. Examples include SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Table Storage, Windows Azure Marketplace, SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Windows Live.

What is OAuth?

An open protocol for authorization.

What does OAuth enable?

Secure authorization from desktop and web applications in a simple and standard way.

What is OAuth used?

To authorize requests by an app for SharePoint to access SharePoint resources on behalf of a user and to authenticate apps in the Office Store, an app catalog, or a developer tenant.

What is an Access token?

Access tokens are issued by the OAuth security token service (STS) to request app permissions.

What are the three types of authorization policies?

user-only policy, user + app policy, or app-only policy

How does an app for SharePoint requests permissions to access SharePoint resources?

An app for SharePoint requests the permissions that it needs during installation from the user who is installing it and then the developer of an app must request, through the app manifest file, the permissions an app needs.

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