Mastering Spring

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Section 1: Introduction to Spring Course:
Introduction to the Course and Overview
Introduction to Spring
A Brief History of Spring

Section 2: Setting up
Setting up Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Spring Tool Suite (STS)
Setting up the Course Projects in STS
Tour of the Course Projects

Section 3: Overview of some Java Design and Best Practices
Tight Coupling in Java Applications, Part: 1
Tight Coupling in Java Applications, Part: 2
Tight Coupling in Java Applications, Part: 3

Section 4: Starting with the Spring Framework
Setting Up Maven Dependencies for the Spring Framework
Introduction to Spring Container Configuration in XML
Using the Spring Container
The 'getBean' methods
Setter Injection
Introduction to Constructor Injection
Constructor Injection Argument Resolution
Section 5: Quiz!
Spring Framework - Course 101 (Part:1) Quiz! :)

Section 6: Congratulations... End of Part: 1
Java Spring Tutorials Part:2 - Coupon: AnotherEarlyBird
This course does not have any sections.

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