Swift Programming

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Module 1 - Introducing Swift
About Swift
XCode Overview
Projects and Playgrounds
Basic Swift Syntax
Module 2 - Data Types
Integers, Floats, Booleans, Tuples
Working with strings
Constants and Variables
Type Aliases
Module 3 - Basic Syntax
Math and Logic operations
Defining Arrays and Collections
Controlling Program Flow with conditionals and loops
Nested Types
Module 4 - Functions and Closures
Defining a Function
Passing parameters
Returning single and multiple return values
Parameter Naming
Variadic, constant, variable and In-Out parameters
Module 5 - Classes and Structures
Value types explained
Defining structures
Assigning structure instances
Reference Types
Defining Classes
Differences between Value and reference types and when to use
Setting up Initializers and de-initializers
Module 6 - Properties in detail
Stored Properties
Lazy and Computed properties
Working with Property Observers
Module 7 - Methods
Defining Instance and Type Methods
Method naming
Mutating Methods
Module 8 - Using Inheritance and Polymorphism
Creating Subclasses
Overriding Methods, Properties and Observers
Initialization of inherited types - Chaining
Casting and subtype polymorphism
Module 9 - Automatic Reference Counting
Reference Counting Explained
ARC Under the hood
Strong and Weak references
Unowned references
ARC and Closures
Module 10 - Protocols and Extensions
What is a protocol
Implementing a protocol
Protocol Inheritance
Checking conformance
Extending types with Extensions
Module 11 - Generics
Why Generics
Generic Functions
Generic Types
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