Warehouse Management Training

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Warehouse and Warehouse Manager's Function
Course Introduction
The Need for Warehouses
Refrigerated Warehouses
Warehouse Manager - Roles and Challenges
Managing People

Warehouse Processes
Receiving and Put - Away: Pre-Receipt
Receiving and Put-Away: In-handling, Preparation, Offloading, Cross Docking
Pick Preparation
Picking Strategies: Types of Picking Operations
Picking Strategies: Handling and Storage Equipment
Order Picking
Choosing the Type of Picking System and Equipment
Replenishment, Value - Adding Services, Stock Management, Counting, and Security
Returns Processing and Dispatch

Warehouse Management Systems, Layout, Storage and Handling Equipment
Warehouse Management Systems
Warehouse Layout Calculations
Warehouse Layout Examples
Storage Equipment
Handling Equipment

Warehouse Resourcing, Costs, and Performance
Resourcing the Warehouse
Warehouse Costs - Types of Costs, Traditional and ABC Costing
Warehouse Costs - Shared-User Warehouse Services and Logistics Charging Methods
Performance Management - Traditional Measures
Performance Management - New Metrics, Integrated Performance Models

Inventory Management
Reasons for Holding Stock
Cost of Carrying Stock
Economic Order Quantity
Timing of Orders
Sensitivity Analysis
Uncertain Demand and Safety Stock
Periodic Review Systems
ABC Analysis

Health and Safety Management
Overview of HSM

Outsourcing, Environment, Future of Warehousing
Outsourcing Decision and Preparation
Outsourcing - Managing the Relationship
Warehousing and the Environment
The Warehouse of the Future
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