Wireshark Tutorial – Get Wireshark Certification

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What Will I Learn?
Know how to download Wireshark
Understand how to setup and use Wireshark
Navigate the Wireshark interface
Learn the various filters available in Wireshark
Use CLI and Tshark
How to export data from Wireshark

Basic internet search skills, ALL you need is taught within this course!
Ask me ANY questions in the discussion section, I'm here to help you master Wireshark!

Course Outline:  
1.Intro to Networking
Intro to Networking & Network Design
Begin with the End in Mind
What is Wireshark?
Understanding the OSI and TCP/IP Models
Wireshark OSI Model
Benefits of Wireshark - Hacking 101
The Basics of Wireshark

Wireshark Installation & Setup
Installing Wireshark on Mac, Windows & Linux
Navigating the Wireshark Homescreen
Wireshark: Monitor Different Traffic & Use Wireshark Filters
Unauthorized Traffic with WireShark
Wireshark Command Line Interface (CLI) or Tshark
Examples of Wireshark Command Line Interface (CLI) or Tshark
Remote Capturing
Exporting in Wireshark
I/O Graphs in Wireshark
See What a User Downloads Using Wireshark
Wireshark Certification
Wireshark Test Prep
Wireshark College Assignment
Where to Make Money Online with Wireshark Certification
Wireshark PowerPoint

3.Wireshark Examples
Wireshark Example #1 - Capturing & Analyzing DNS with Filtering
Wireshark Example #2 - Capturing & Filtering HTTP Traffic
Wireshark Example #3 - Capturing & Analyzing Email
Wireshark Example #4 - Solve an Issue Using Tshark
Learn HTTP and STMP Status Codes
Wireshark & CCNA Exam Study Questions
This course does not have any sections.

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